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Request Your Song Here

July 31, 2008  at 11:22 PM

+Request Your Song Here MP3 Download For Free,

This is the Request Song Section. Please provide us the info using the format as below:

Your Name:

Song/Lyrics Title:

Name Of Artist:

We will respond to your request as soon as possible. Thank You.

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  1. 1) stonebay - sangsi

    2) elyana - molek
    download at --> http://ezone4u.blogspot.com/2008/10/elyana-molek.html

    3) the divine masters - disampingmu
    download at -->

    4) nitrus - sisa
    download at -->

    5) lydia's diery - tiada lagi cinta

    Dua lagu could not find from the net.. tunggu yer cek adek ;)

  2. asyek nyss jep minx ney.. segan lew plak..well tiada lagi cinta(LE)da jumpe, juz stonebay sangsi jep k?
    tambah agy 6..

    1)tokio hotel-durch den monsoon(dutch version)/through the moonsoon (bi version)
    2)romance-ku ingin kamu
    3)dygta-kesepian,pencundang sejati,hanya dirimu,jatuh cinta

    nak minx tolong bleyh?
    boleh x dptkan 3 full album dygta?
    bestla lgu dowg..
    if u can do tat 4 me, God bless u la.. thx.. this is last request from me..

  3. Hi aR3nySs,
    Your song list yg dpat di cari setakat nih:
    tokio hotel - http://ezone4u.blogspot.com/2008/12/tokio-hotel-monsoon-mp3-durch-den.html
    romance - http://ezone4u.blogspot.com/2008/12/romance-ku-ingin-kamu.html
    dygta - http://ezone4u.blogspot.com/search/label/Dygta

    Lagu2 dygta tak semua di add dlm nih..nantilah ada masa i addkan lagi..

    its ok you request here ..byk2 request pun tak pe.. i suka collect lagu sebenarnya...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. k erm.. the divine masters tue act adik-beradik lotter af4.. so mau letak gambar nnt,letaklah..

    tokio hotel mmg best.. da dpt full version for 2 album bru.. hmm nyss pown ske kumpul lagu, lagi2 y xpenah owg dgr.. hehek pelik tol kn?

    k utk bestkan lagi blog ney nak minx tlg letakkn lagu ney..
    1) Seventeen - Selalu Mengalah
    2) Kertas - Kekasih Yang Tak Dianggap
    3) HIM - Funeral of Hearts
    4) Rain - But I Love You,I Do,It's Raining,Love Story,Sad Tango,Escaping The Sun,In My Bed.
    5) Shinhwa - Crazy,Brand New,Hey Come On,Throw My Fist,Winter Story.


  6. thx 4 lgu HIM,Kertas n Seventeen..
    juz tnggu y len jep..
    k thx again..
    i appreciate ur work 4 searchin..

  7. Still new lagi lagu tu(dlm album terbaru dyurang), but, harap sangat dpt download!! >.<

    All-American Rejects - I wanna/I wanna touch you

    thanks .

  8. The All American Reject - I Wanna kat link nih.. http://ezone4u.blogspot.com/2009/02/all-american-reject-i-wanna-mp3-lyrics.html

  9. allooppzz..
    lame da xrequest..
    umm mau suh wak tolong cari lagu..
    OST for cerita
    Aku Cinta Kau dan Mama..
    cite indon..
    plesh2.. really need it..

  10. Hi aR3nySs, emm susah gak nak carik lagu tu .. ok i noted ur request..nanti ada masa i tolong carik n letak dlm blog nih..

  11. Your Name:syahis

    Song/Lyrics Title:Dr Stein

    Name Of Artist:Halloween

    minat sangat ngan album nih...kalo ada blh la ambik kat sini je..


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